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Usability Features


Proplanner prides itself on providing software that can deliver powerful results but it is also easy to learn and easy to use.


In this video, you will find demonstrations over some of the features that make many of Proplanner's software applications user-friendly. 


In Assembly Planner, all of the data is managed in a spreadsheet form. This means that just like in Microsoft Excel or Access, you can edit large amounts of data at one time. 


You can copy and paste data within Assembly Planner or from existing spreadsheet documents. Since the spreadsheet interface is very familiar, users can immediately feel a sense of comfort with the tools, while still getting the benefits of an integrated database.


If you have large amounts of data outside of the system, you may want to use the Import Data tool which allows you to add mass quantities of parts, Bills of Materials (BOMs), resources, or processes all at once. This is one option to make it easy to start using Assembly Planner right away with your existing data.


With Proplanner's tools, you can customize the view of your spreadsheet. This means that you can choose which columns appear and in what order. You can even save multiple views so if you're working on one task, safety, in this case, you want to see one set of fields but if you're working on something else, you want to see the data in a different way. Saving these views allows you to jump back and forth quickly. Sorting and filtering are also important when working with large amounts of data.


In Assembly Planner, you can sort and filter by any column in the spreadsheet. You can also use the 'Advance Sort and Filter' tools to organize the data even further. To learn more, please watch this quick 3-minute video or head to our Assembly Planner solution to learn more. 

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