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Yamazumi Charts

Video Transcription:

The Yamazumi chart which originated in Japanese factories can be an invaluable tool used to assess the work content on your assembly line. Because it shows each task scaled and aligned balanced individually the chart can tell you at a glance where process improvement is most needed. Perhaps a long process time or even more critical along the non-value-added process time.

Most companies create largely I'm using boards where tiles are manually moved or resized the changes made to the balance or to a process. Proplanner software will generate an auto-update yamazumi you need charts for you, eliminating the time-consuming process of simply keeping the charts accurate.

Proplanner's yamazumi charts show the work content by model so you see the total time each product model could spend in each station considering all options content no matter what your product mixes. Proplanner offers many formatting options for these charts depending on your goals.

Tiles can all be colored the same or they can be colored according to their value-added non-value-added or non-value-added but necessary classification. If you click on the chart options button information displayed on the tiles can be turned on or off. Also in the chart options, you may want to scale the chart in different ways. Maybe so you get an overall picture of the line balance.

I'll use this scale by minion task time option for that. You may also want to scale the chart so you can focus on one small group of tasks at a time. I use this scale by minimum task time to do that. You can also filter the chart to view only certain stations. Here I'll uncheck the first station which in this case is the sub-assembly station.

Whether the yamazumi chart wells down the computer screen will be printed or plotted on a large scale you can make the visual adjustments necessary to fit your needs then save in print as you wish.

Now not only will assembly planet generate and update these charts for you if you don't know where a particular task is located in the balance you can use the search control to find and then view it. This tool also allows you to view details of each task easily.

If I hover my mouse over a task I can get a quick synopsis of the task. If I double click on the task I can pull up more details. As I click through each of the tabs I can watch the task video clip see the parts and the tooling required the models and options on which the task is performed and its image and other defining details.

A yamazumi chart is a powerful tool Proplanner makes it even more valuable by eliminating the time to create and drastically reducing the time to update and manage multiple charts at once.

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