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ECO and MCO Enhancements

The following are some of the new features made available in the ECO and MCO modules with the release of Assembly Planner version Each of these small changes improve the overall ease of use and reduce the time required to perform tasks within these modules. 

  • Administrators can now control which users can perform the following specific actions in the ECO module:
    • Process ECO
    • Delete ECO
    • Change All Item Revisions to Latest
    • Change Import Date
    • Change Project Work Task
    • Change Item Revision
    • Delete Item
  • Customize View is available in the MCO Properties tab. This feature, available in most sheets in Assembly Planner, allows each user to choose the fields they see and the order in which they see them, simplifying the data to the task at hand. 
  • Users can open the Advanced Search in the Deviation and ECO modules with a single click, rather than clicking on the arrow next to the Advanced Search button then making an additional selection. 
  • If multiple users are assigned to the same life cycle stage in parallel, their assigned processes are grouped together in the same folder, rather than being put into multiple process folders.

  • The Item Hyperlink that directs users to the Item Master is now active only with a left click. A right click now activates the right click menu available in other fields in the same sheet.

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