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REBA Ergonomics Assessment

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Support for an additional ergonomics assessment standard was released in the Assembly Planner Ergonomics module with version REBA, which stands for Rapid Entire Body Assessment, can be used to evaluate the risk associated to jobs - the same definition of the jobs defined for work instructions, time studies, line balancing, and more in Assembly Planner.

Within the Observed Time study control, users can assign a score to each REBA category for each elemental task. Visual scoring references are embedded, making it easy for users to decide which score to assign to which tasks. A, B, C, and Total scores are automatically calculated based on the standard. Users can control the risk level color-coding by assigning a color to represent scores 0-15. 

Flexible summary reports can be generated to display task scores, identify the highest risk scores for each job, and highlight the number and percentage of jobs with High, Medium, Low, and Incomplete risk assessments. 

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