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Proplanner and Tableau

Does your company or team use a business intelligence reporting system such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI? Do you want the flexibility to create your own searches and own reports? There are many great tools that allow you to do this, but they need data to run. Proplanner has made this part easy. 

Your team can select the types of data captured in Assembly Planner or Shop Floor Viewer that you wish to analyze, and then the system will monitor that data for additions, deletions, and changes. A snapshot of these records will be taken and copied to a new database table connected to the reporting system, which can retrieve the data at any time. The two systems communicate with each other to indicate which records have been sent (by Proplanner) and retrieved (by the reporting system), so that both sets of data stay in sync. 

Why are data snapshots necessary? Because frequent or broad queries against master database tables can hinder the performance of the program (Assembly Planner or Shop Floor Viewer) for the users. With the snapshots, the master data can remain untouched and unaffected, while you as a user still have access to all the data you need.  

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