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Checkpoint Stations

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Checkpoint stations were added to the application in v11.1 to support cases where a unit should not be allowed to progress past a station if certain conditions are not met. Typically, this will be for a repair station or final station on the line. It may be permissible for a unit to move from station to station with missing parts or open defects, but it is not acceptable for a unit with these conditions to be signed off at the checkpoint stations.

The first step for configuring stations as checkpoints is within the Assembly Planner Plant Editor.  


On the shop floor side, the checkpoint station control is set via user role privileges. This is an important capability, because it allows for establishing granular control over who is able to sign off operations (stations) meeting certain conditions. For example, a trainee role may not be able to sign off checkpoint stations, as their work may require additional inspection by a more advanced employee. A regular employee may be able to sign off checkpoint stations, but not if the unit is missing a component (unfulfilled consumption).

The shop floor role privileges related to checkpoints are highlighted below:


The validation against the user's role privilege occurs during the operation sign off. If there is a failing condition, the user will be presented with an error message:


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