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Customize View - Sharing and Control

Assembly Planner is a large application - many screens, different types of users, various workflows. Customize View capabilities were built into the application to allow each individual user to control how they would see the data. For example, the fields/columns that a user wants to see when updating work instruction content may be quite different from the fields visible for updating time data.


Prior to v11.5, every user started with a clean slate. No custom views were created and users saw every field possible. While there were workarounds, involving copying xml files from the users roaming profile, that just was not a good solution. Proplanner has now included a capability for automatically deploying default custom views to all users, providing a massively improved user experience, especially for brand new users into the application.

A few new tools have been built to support this capability, starting with the View Settings Manager. 

Accessible via the main menu bar Tools item, the View Settings Manager allows privileged users to perform the following:

-Export the current setting file from their roaming profile.  This file is loaded into the Admin Tools > Template Manager > Configuration Files with the name 'DefaultViewSettings.xml'. Once this is complete, the stage is set for all other users to have access to the default customize view settings.

-Override their local custom view settings with the 'DefaultViewSettings.xml' file loaded into the Template Manager.

-After loading the default settings, a backup copy of the view settings file is created in the users local profile. The user can chose to restore a prior copy of the view settings file.

Critically, users are notified of new default view settings when they login to the application. If their role allows for creating or removing views, then they are given the option to load the new default settings. For users whose role does not allow creating/removing views, they will automatically get the new default views without a prompt.


More control has also been added to user role privileges. Per role, it is now possible to establish who can create and remove views, select between different view within a screen, and modify the view's field visibility and field order.



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