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Routing Item Mapping Enhancements

Many companies utilize the configurable routing capabilities of the Proplanner system. This allows for a universal / master / 150% / super routing to represent the processes necessary to build many different products (items).  The Routing Item Mapping capability was developed to serve two primary purposes:

1. Establish the list of products which can be run on a line (routing). This is useful for filtering the list of model and option codes which will be mapped to the routing via the auto build routine. For example, a sub assembly may be installed on two separate lines building separate product families. The auto build routine needs to be told that only certain products run on certain lines, otherwise it will incorrectly map all products using the sub assembly to both lines.

2. Easily view the products running on a line, and their routing level attributes, from a single screen.


The Routing Item Mapping screen was enhanced in v11.5 of the application with a few features:

1. Implemented a spreadsheet control with copy/paste, sorting, and filtering capabilities.

2. Added customize view, with all item master attributes available for read-only access.

3. Added custom field support, allowing companies to extend the attributes tied to the product per routing


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