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Documents - Versioning and Maintenance

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Every time a line balance scenario file is saved, an image is edited, or new templates are uploaded, Assembly Planner will make a copy of the document and save it on the network file share. This process is largely transparent to the user, which is perfect for most situations.

When users are deep into line balancing, oftentimes switching between multiple scenarios and making hundreds of changes, they will create at least dozens of versions of the scenario file.  Sometimes mistakes happen. A station was inadvertently added or the results of the Refresh Scenario were not was the user wanted. For this reason, we added the capability to rollback to a prior version of the file. This is accomplished through any of the Documents tabs (or Scenario/Study managers) in the application by selecting View History via the right click menu.



When viewing the history of the document, privileged users are able to delete version(s) or select a version to be 'rolled back' as the latest.


Deleting and rolling back document versions is controlled via role privileges. By default, the system Engineer role does not have this functionality enabled, so you will want to verify with your system admin who should have this control.


Saving the biggest for last, Assembly Planner contains a Document Maintenance module in the Admin section of the application. Currently capable of interacting with Line Balancing, Time Study, and Sequence Planner Study files, this module is designed to support multiple types of file cleanup efforts.

-Archive moves the latest version of the document last modified before a certain date to a specified directory (e.g. keep the latest revision of all time studies that were last modified April 1, 2015 though April 1, 2018)

-Delete performs a delete of all versions of all documents last modified before a certain date (e.g. delete all time studies older than April 1, 2015)

-Purge documents which are not within the last X revisions (e.g. for a time study which has 29 revisions, delete all but the last 3 versions)

Each of these actions has the ability to greatly reduce the amount of data being retained on the file share, which can improve performance and also ensure compliance with document retention policies.


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