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Routing Model Mapping Improvements

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The ability to tie applicable products to processes is critical for many Assembly Planner users. There are a few ways to perform this mapping, including the routing level screen called 'Routing Model Mapping'. We have added a large number of usability and simplification features over the past few versions of the application, concluding with v11.8.


Users leverage this screen to quickly see and build out the model mapping across the entire assembly line. It is typically the fastest way to get a handle on the data within the routing, including all operation and activity fields. The Routing Model Mapping screen is opened via the right click menu on the routing (Note it will say edit vs view if the routing is checked out to the current user or not).


1. Mapping models to "operations" is no supported. This eliminates a nuisance row for each operation that existed in the prior version of the grid. As before, the rows filled with a red color mean that no models have been mapped to the activity.

2. Setting per activity per model take rates is no longer supported. This eliminates nuisance columns in the Advanced View mode by removing a column for each model. The model text has also been improved to display the ID and the Alias to help with readability.

3. Customize View, including all operation and activity fields, is now included. This is now similar to the Precedence Graph > Sheet View.


4. Header column height is adjustable to allow users to more densely pack model columns.

5. The list of models via Advanced View > Customize Model List is now populated with the models found in the current routing. Users can control the sort order of the model columns to be displayed in the grid. Interestingly, we have also included the ability to select a separate 'Source Routing' which can be used to populate the model list.  


6. The main grid supports cut, copy, paste, sort, and filter. Also, it includes a useful 'Find' feature, which is similar to the search control in the Line Balancing module.

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