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Work Step Re-sequencing

Most organizations writing work instructions in Proplanner want to link the detailed standard work (work steps in Proplanner) to the parts and tools used to complete the work. That makes it easier for the employees on the shop floor to match up the part(s) with the installation tool(s) and also visualize the sequence in which the parts and tools will be needed.  

Sometimes, the number of work steps, parts, and tools can be quite large (hundreds in extreme cases). If the work instruction author wishes to resequence the work steps, that means they must also go through the part and tool lists to ensure things line up appropriately.

A new feature was introduced in v11.10 to make this resequencing process easier.  Here is how it works:

For Activity Consumption and Resource records referencing a work step via the Work Step Number field, changing the Work Step Number on the Work Step will cause the associated Consumption and Resource records to update.   

If a referenced Work Step is deleted, the Consumption and Resource records will return to the default value (-1.00) 

If multiple Work Steps have the same Work Step Number value, changing one of the Work Step Numbers will not impact the Consumption and Resource records 

If an Activity is reused, all Consumption records (local properties) across all instances of the Activity will be updated

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