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Proplanner Proceedix Integration

Glass Wear How It Works

Proplanner Proceedix Integration

While Proplanner has a robust backend for generating the data for the shop floor, Proceedix has mastered the technology of displaying that data on wearable devices such as Google Glass and Real Wear. The need of having the operator on the floor be completely handsfree while reviewing instructions or recording quality checks is a common request from our clients.

Why Handsfree...       

  • The operator cannot view instructions while working on the unit and has to step away and login to a tablet or PC.

  • Cannot take an image or record a video, needs another device for doing so.

  • Cannot relate the issue back to the work instruction.

  • Carrying a tablet still makes it easy but still not hand free. 

Proplanner’s integration with Proceedix is bi-directional in that unit-specific and operator-specific information is compiled and delivered to the Proceedix system for every operator logged in and every vehicle worked on by the operators. When the Proceedix user signs into the Proplanner MES, their competence, and skills history is evaluated to determine the level of work instruction detail needed by that shop floor worker.  This filtered view is based on both how often and how recently an operator performed the task since the Process Engineer updated it.

Proplanner Proceedix Data flow              

Figure 1. Proplanner and Proceedix Dataflow     

With the wearable, the operator scans bar codes, answers questions on tasks, responds to task start, and completes checks or captures pictures and video, this information is serialized with the unit they are signed into and delivered back to Proplanner for logging in that unit’s genealogy file which captures which operator executed every task when they completed it and any issues/data logged when it was performed.  

Work Instructions on Proceedix

Figure 2. Explaining how scanning QR code works, how Proplanner explains work instructions and captures the operator's tasks.

Key Benefits:

  • Ease of use – hands-free and activated by voice improves operator efficiency and time it takes when in areas where holding and referring to a tablet or paper copy isn’t possible.

  • Doubles as protective wear

  • Includes the ability to read bar codes, and capture context-based pictures and video

  • Voice recognition speeds data entry of quality and serialized component information.

  • Filtering work instructions by operator skill and competency levels allows for a reduction in redundant data.

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