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Introducing Proplanner SSO

Proplanner Announces new SSO Feature

The Assembly Planner suite of products from Proplanner now provides a secure, centralized, and easy user access management with the new Single Sign-on (SSO) feature. Apps such as Assembly Planner, Shop Floor MES / Andon systems and the upcoming Android-based PFEP mobile apps will also support the Single Sign On based authentication system. With this feature, you can easily eliminate the use of simple password-based local authentication accounts that lack central governance and enhanced security features like MFA, while also improving productivity between the various Proplanner apps. The users are spared from needing to maintain the username or password for Proplanner apps separately. Along with seamless access, it also gives several benefits that will enhance the user experience of both the users and system administrators alike.

With Proplanner SSO, you can continue to create and manage user identities in Proplanner identity store, or easily connect to your existing identity providers from on-prem Active Directory via ADFS,  Google Cloud Identity, Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Amazon AWS SSO (in development). We also offer the flexibility to integrate with any other on-premises identity management provider via industry-standard SAML v2 and OAuth2.0 / OIDC based endpoints.

Existing Identity Providers

Figure 1. Existing Identity Providers

How it works

How it Works

Figure 2. SSO Process

Proplanner SSO Deployment in a multi-site Architecture

Multi-site sign on

Figure 3. Multi-site SSO Process

Key features of Proplanner SSO

Streamlined login experience: The Proplanner SSO feature enables a consistent login experience across the Proplanner suite of apps similar to your enterprise login process.

Streamlined login experience

Figure 4. Consistent Login 

Proplanner SSO user portal: The Proplanner Auth Service provides an easy to use the web portal to manage all the users in an organization across all the tenants/sites.

Author Service

Figure 5. Proplanner Auth Service

Integration with on-premises Active Directory: Proplanner SSO integrates with your on-premises Active Directory by using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Users can access the Proplanner applications by using their Active Directory credentials. You can manage which users in your corporate directory can access which Proplanner application by site.

SSO configuration screens: You can easily configure the SSO settings by using the Proplanner AuthService SSO configuration screens.

SSO Management

Figure 6. Proplanner AuthService SSO Management

Fortified security: With SSO, it’s not only easy for your employees to access the various Proplanner applications with one set of credentials, but it’s also easy for an admin to revoke an employee’s access to various applications. For example, if an employee has left the organization, disabling his/her organization credentials will revoke his/her access to all Proplanner applications at once.

(MFA) Multi-Factor Authentication: If your organization is configured to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) the SSO feature will extend this to the Proplanner apps as well.

Enhanced productivity:  SSO allows for Proplanner users to switch between the different applications like Assembly Planner, Shop Floor Viewer, and Factboard / Andon screens with ease without having to go through the login process multiple times. This seamless logging feature through SSO can save a substantial amount of time and will maximize productivity as well.

Centralized auditing & Governance: Proplanner SSO logs all sign-in and administrative activities to a secure log. The ProplannerAuth Service UI makes it easy to view and export these logs.

Proplanner Security Features:

  • User sign-on audit tracking to track successful & failed logins

  • Audit trail of successful and failed login attempts

  • User session tracking 

  • Audit trail logging of all administrative functions 

  • Certificate-based protection of WCF endpoints 

  • Privacy notice management

  • Upgrade all encryption algorithms used in the software to SHA-256 or FIDO2 compliant

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