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Enhancements and Bug Fixes in

Enhancements and Bug Fixes in


  • Precedence Cluster data integration

    • There is now a Precedence Cluster data that is integrated into database instead of storing in a xml files as it was set before and an added capability to select a folder when creating a new Line Balance Scenario via the wizard or cloning.Folder Assignment when creating a scenario.Figure 1. Folder assignment when creating a scenario.


Relevant task nodes in Clusters.

Figure 2. Relevant task nodes in Clusters.


  • ​​​​Modified the save prompts for the Pivot Grid Export to standardize based on application norms and reduce likelihood of losing changes.

  • Modification to Import Data > Process Structure Activity Import

    • The modification now makes it so the force PlantID, RoutingType, RoutingID, OperationSeqNo, OperationEffectiveFromDate, OperationEffectiveToDate, and ActivitySeqNo are to always be present.

  •  Import Data > Process Resource Mapping Validation Messages

    •  There have been improvements made to validation messages within Import Data > Process Resource Mapping that now clarify when improper key fields occur.

  •  Added custom field support to the Plant Editor – Assembly Lines entity. 

  •  Adjustment to Yamazumi Chart task

    • The Yamazumi Chart task resequencing logic within Line Balancing was adjusted to place the activities at the beginning or end of the station (station-operator) task list based on the tasks moving upstream or downstream in cases where the logic cannot be followed it will default to the prior logic, which placed the moved activities at the end of the station.

  • Renamed new pivot style reporting and export module ‘Pivot Grid Export’. 

More Bug Fixes: 


  • Fixed error in the Line Balancing – Operator Time Summary Report

    • This solved the issue of the operator count appearing as 0 and not properly populating the time data.

  • Fixed error in the Line Balancing main task list

    • This error did not show an updated operator count after using Actions > Remove Empty Operators but has now been resolved.

  • Fixed error in the Precedence Cluster

    • This fixed the issue that was causing changes in the Graph view to not save when switching tabs and fixing the error where the Line Balancing Precedence Violation calculation was causing violations to not be captured. This error occurred when changing task sequence within a station but then wouldn’t cause the precedence information to update.

  • Fixed error in MTM-UAS block/group codes 

    •  caused the first line from the block to be ignored.

  •  Fixed error in Component Library

    • When searching within the ‘Where Used’ section which was causing the control to fail when navigating to the process via the Where Used search then navigating back to the Where Used search. 

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