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Enhancements and Bug Fixes in v11.17

Enhancements and Bug Fixes in


  • Search capability in the Thin Client Admin screen

    • For work instructions revisions published with effectivity for a specific or range of production orders (unit serial numbers), users can now search for the applicable revisions for of an order via the Thin Client Admin screen. 

  • Mapping and aggregation of Workstep Numbers and Time property.

    • Observed and Calculated Time Study rows can now be mapped to Workstep Numbers, allowing for the aggregation of multiple rows to set the Workstep Time property.  The Time Standard Rank will be observed as the Workstep may only have a single time. 

  • Process History Records are now added to Routings and affected Operations when a Line Balance Scenario is applied to provide better traceability. 

  • Modified Consumption Workbench Comparison Results

    • The Workbench Comparison Results screen now allows a read-only view of BOM fields which are not used for the comparison (BOM to Consumption) and do not exist in the Consumption fields.

Consumer Workbench Comparison Results

Figure 1. Consumption Comparison Results


  • Modified Line Balancing – Model Family Summary By Station

    • The Model Family Summary by Station report has been modified to eliminate the double-page break after each station, which was originally included to prevent printers with ‘print double-sided’ from ever showing two stations on the same physical piece of paper. 

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Feature

    • The User Management screens have now been modified to support Single Sign-On (SSO).

SSO Login

Figure 2. Consistent SSO Login


Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed error causing an unhandled exception in the Component Library 

    • This issue appeared when selecting an Item if the user does not have the role privilege for viewing the BOM tab. 

  • Fixed error in PFEP Part Plans module

    • This error was causing an Invalid Column error when an item or location field is added to the view after the initial search, the same field is used to sort the results, then another search is performed 

  • Fixed error in PFEP Part Plans where the Part Plan Modified On value does not update after editing the Kitting Quantity screen 

  • Fixed error in the Calculated Time-Time Data grid

    • This error caused the row height to grow incorrectly if the Routing or OpSeqNo field is reduced to zero pixels.  

  • Fixed error in Calculated Time

    • The Time data grid was causing the Routing ID and OpSeqNo of newly created then applied activities (without grouping on apply) to not refresh the Routing ID and OpSeqNo values after attempting to Import the same activities 

  • Fixed error in Line Balancing Station list

    • Error caused the creation order of the station to be used instead of the Order attribute from the Plant Module-Stations tab. 

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