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Proplanner and Desoutter PivotWare Partner to
Streamline Setup of DC Torque Tools.

Collaboration enables Proplanner customers to deploy Toolsets to DC Torque tools and log torque values in production to improve new product launch speed and reduce launch errors.


Ames, IA. September 23, 2020 – Proplanner, leader in Manufacturing Data Management of Product Lifecycle solutions for Assembly Manufacturing, today announced a new partnership with Desoutter, an Industrial Tools and Solutions provider. The alliance enables manufacturers of complex products to leverage Proplanner’s detailed work instructions, procedures, and tooling requirements automatically to the DC Torque tools without time-consuming and error-prone manual intervention by the Manufacturing Engineers.


For this integration, Proplanner expanded Assembly Planner’s (AP) existing resource library and process Activity attributes to support the ability for the process engineer to specify all necessary DC torque tool properties while they were defining their assembly process.  This information is then published to Proplanner’s MES application which identifies a vehicle when it enters the workstation and synchronizes this with the process step to deliver the proper Toolset information to the correct tool at the correct time via a coordinated interface with PivotWare.


Desoutter’s PivotWare application has a robust set of DC Torque Tool integrations that have been linked to Proplanner’s AP MES.  Receiving this Toolset information directly from AP reduces the effort for the Manufacturing Engineer while simultaneously reducing the chance of user error. 


Key Benefits:

  • Less Effort because torque information is automatically sent from the work instruction to the tool.  No need to individually program each tool or specify complicated Model/Option (Variant) logic.

  • Less Error due to the reduction in manual data entry and manual coordination of updates due to product changes.

  • Smarter Production History Reports which now include detailed torque value parameters in addition to operator IDs and task times.

  • Faster New/Modified Product Launch as a new line balance can simply be published to the line and tooling in minutes with reduced shop floor maintenance support.


About Desoutter


Founded in 1914 and headquartered in France, Desoutter Industrial Tools is a global leader in electric and pneumatic assembly tools serving a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations, including Aerospace, Automotive, Light and Heavy Vehicles, Off-Road, General Industry. Desoutter offers a comprehensive range of Solutions (tools, services, and projects) to meet the specific demands of local and global customers in over 170 countries. The company designs, develops and delivers innovative quality industrial tool solutions, including air and electric Screwdrivers, Advanced Assembly Tools, Advance Drilling Units, Air motors, and Torque Measurement System.


Desoutter Quote:


“Proplanner’s application can help reduce redundant data entry and enhance the accuracy of torque value information related to mixed-model production environments.”  Says Jamarrius Jefferies, Product Specialist Desoutter Tools North America.  “We are looking forward to providing enhanced Process Control to Proplanner’s Assembly plant customers as well as introducing their Assembly-specific engineering tools and methods to our OEM vehicle clients.”


“Desoutter’s PivotWare team has been a great partner in helping us deliver this direct integration to shop floor tooling,” says Dave Sly, President of Proplanner. “With this new integration, engineers can publish their line balance task assignments directly to the worker for Instructions and to the tooling for parameter values such as DC torque tool profiles – all in under an hour.”


Proplanner’s integration with PivotWare is bi-directional in that unit-specific and operator-specific toolset data is compiled and delivered for every operator logged in and every vehicle worked on by the operators. Once the Toolsets have been executed with the operators the torque values are sent back to be recorded with every vehicle’s production genealogy history report.


About Proplanner 


Proplanner is the leader in PLM-MDM (Manufacturing Data Management for the Product Lifecycle) solutions for Assembly Manufacturing. Assembly facilities around the world in the automotive, recreational vehicle, aerospace, agriculture and construction, military, white goods, highway vehicles, electrical equipment, and universities rely on Proplanner solutions from the mBOM and Bill of Process (BOP) routings to Shop Floor Instructions, MES, and Andon.

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