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v11.18.0.0 Enhancements and Bug Fixes

v11.18.0.0 Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes



  • Pivot Grid Export Module

    •  Added role privileges for module visibility and creating/editing/removing public exports. Proplanner also removed a distinct clause to allow for duplicate records to be returned. This enables the pivot grid dataset to hold many rows with common values.


  • New mBOM Export Tool

    • Released a new mBOM Export tool that uses configurable Excel templates to control the fields to be exported. All item and BOM standard and custom fields are available.


  • Released Assembly Labor Time Report


  • Updated the Option Rule interpreter code

    • The new code can handle future C# release support of the ‘not’ keyword.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error in Line Balancing

    • The error caused the scenario-specific time units to not update after changing in the Edit Task Details screen.


  • Added error handling code to BOM Change Module

    • Is in place for a situation where an item is referenced in the Parent Items with BOM Differences table but the same does not exist in the main item master library.


  • Fixed an error in the BOM Change Module

    • An error was causing the View MCOs button to fail due to an incorrect variable declaration.


  • Saving Image Files Error

    • The error was resolved where image orientation data was being improperly set. Also changed the image saving logic to only save the temporary file versus the source file if a change was made.


  • Fixed an error in the Activity – Resource tab

    • Previous error was causing an incomplete list of right-click menu options to appear to if the activity was not checked out to the current user.


  • Fixed an error in Activity – History

    • The error was within records causing the ‘Reason For Change’ field to not save.


  • Fixed an error in the Thin Client Admin – Change Request

    • The error was within the Change Request screen allowing the ‘Add’ button to be enabled when no Change Request was selected.


  • Fixed an error in Pivot Grid Export Module causing Public exports to not share properly.


  • Fixed an error in Sequence Planner Mass Update Tool

    • This was related to the retrieval of work schedule rows and offsets resulting in an unhandled error.


  • Fixed an error in process publishing resulting in workstep times not always being converted to seconds.


  • Corrected an issue in the MDD Module while resulted in the time stamp data displaying in date fields after using the Export to Excel function.

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