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PFEP Devices Now Support Android

PFEP Android Scanner Application

Proplanner’s robust Plan For Every Part (PFEP) module is a Low Cost, Easy to Use, and Quick to Deploy eKanban and eKitting solution designed specifically for Assembly plants.


In PFEP, Part Plans define the entire flow of each part from the warehouse to the various supermarkets and eventually to each line (consumption - Point of Use) location. PFEP also has execution capabilities that provided electronic distribution of pick sheets (e-Kitting) and Kanban tickets (e-Kanban) and allow users to communicate and track unit-based kit carts and kanban tickets through the factory.


Initially, PFEP's execution features were only available on the Windows CE platform and as of Proplanner 2021's V11 version now supports any Android device.


Via Proplanner’s extensive integration with MRP/ERP systems (including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, and others) imported planned production orders allow the PFEP to generate part picking lists for each unit (vehicle).


PFEP’s extensive dashboards then allow managers to see a real-time overview of the entire plant logistic system and more quickly and accurately respond to part delivery issues.


E-Kanban and E-Kitting

ekanban and ekitting


The process of e-Kanban starts with an operator or a water spider making a Kanban request from the floor. The request is then sent across to the warehouse in the form of a printed label. This label is then scanned, and the replenishment cycle of that part begins. The label can be scanned multiple times from replenishment to delivery to allow tracking of the full box of parts to the line.


The process of e-Kitting is not based on the pull from the floor rather it is based on the build schedule for the day. The kits need to be prepared well in advance of the unit reaching a station so that there is ample time to deliver to the line. The kitting process begins with a part picker scanning empty carts and the PFEP system generates the pick sheet for that cart based on the next unit in the schedule.


Proplanner PFEP App

The PFEP app is designed to run on both scanners and tablets. The app looks at the screen resolution of the device and adjusts the layout accordingly. Part pickers can carry a scanner (handheld) and walk around the supermarket and pick their parts. Pickers can also mount a tablet on their cart and have a Bluetooth scanner connected to their tablet. The use of tablets is seen in carts that carry multiple parts for multiple units.


Scanners (small screen- low resolution - handheld devices)

  • One device to display data and scan
  • Shows one part/ticket at a time

E-Kanban Process

eKanban Process

Request and Replenishment cycle of Kanban


Customizable Views

Customizable View


The system can be customized to show both Kanban and Kitting


E-Kitting process of opening a cart and picking parts

eKitting Process of Opening Cart

Part Picking Cycle


Proplanner PFEP App on Tablets (big screen- high resolution – mounted devices)

  • Two devices required - Tablet to display data and attached scanner to scan barcodes.

  • Shows multiple parts at a time. Allows user to see what parts have been picked and what are yet to be picked.

  • Bigger screen and better resolution.


Proplanner Home Tablet

Kitting tablet

Multi-part display

The conversion of the PFEP application to Android opens it up to be installed on multiple device types such as tablets, scanners, and phones. The app is in production at multiple customers and is being constantly improved based on feedback.

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