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New Image Editor Feature

Image Editor Feature Overview


Assembly Planner just got a new image editor! The development team has completed the replacement of the work instructions image editor with the new image editor that first appeared with the 3D Virtual Build module. Now users have the same features and interface regardless of if they are authoring images directly for Activities and Worksteps or if they are doing so via the new 3D Virtual Build module. 


Like before, this new Image Editor is accessed from the Media Tab of an Activity which will subsequently list all Image snapshots (JPG, PNG, etc.) and/or SOP Image XML documents depending on the Filter section (upper right corner).


Image Editor Mode


One of the biggest changes for existing users is the addition of SOP Image XML documents which contain the annotation, image, and textual objects in the work instruction image that is eventually captured as a PNG file. 


The SOP Image file allows users to edit the content of an SOP image and then resave it as a PNG image. Previously, users were required to re-define all the annotated content in future edits even if only one object (text, symbol, jpg, etc.) in the image needed to be changed. 


Another significant enhancement is the ability to link an SOP Image (XML or PNG) to a workstep directly from the editor. 


Previously, users would typically save the image to an Activity and then load a workstep and link to this image. This new direct-link capability saves several button-clicks for companies that use worksteps as document tasks within an Activity.


Using the new Virtual Build module, users can identify specific instances of parts used in the product. For example, if you had 3 pulleys in your tensioner and each had the same part number, Proplanner’s Reference Designators feature allows you to uniquely identify each one of them. 


The following image shows three red ovals that depict the reference of a specific tensioner pulley as being installed by a specific Activity or Workstep. This consumption at that Workstep automatically generates an annotation Callout in the Image Editor Callout library which assists the user in annotating the specific geometry (Pulley) within the 3D model or Photograph of the product (Tensioner assembly).


image editor feature zoomed In


Finally, with the new image editor, it is easy to create corporate libraries of annotation symbols, text styles, and color standards which can then be applied to all users within your organization. Work instruction symbol and annotation standardization has never been easier!


Image editor symbols

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