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v11.21.0.0 Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Major enhancements to the software with this release, including the general release of the Android PFEP Mobile App, upgraded Activity-Image Editor (a personal favorite of mine), and the first release combining Single Sign-On, Virtual Build, and Factboard in a single package. Shop Floor Viewer changes are now in the same document as Assembly Planner. 

Grouping v11.19 through v11.21 changes into a single blog post as v19 and v20 did not get dedicated posts.  

Let us know at if there are any questions.

Released November 13, 2020

  • Enhancements

    • Activity-Media

      • Upgraded Image Editor control to match Virtual Build Module.

      • Added film strip/gallery control for viewing images associated to activity

      • Moved images and videos to separate tabs

    • Updated Video Encoding and Video Streaming services to use newer .NET versions

    • Added support for Shop Floor Viewer users to be converted to AuthService users to support SSO migrations

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an error causing datetime custom fields to be converted to local time after passing through WCF service layer.  This impacted certain screens and reports when the end user’s computer used a different time zone than the application server.

    • Thin Client Admin - Work Instructions

      • Fixed an error when generating work instructions from the Thin Client Admin screen which caused the Option Filter to be ignored

    • Time Study Module

      • Fixed an error when applying a time study with Observed Time and Single Activity selected causing the video information for the observation to not be applied.

    • Video Encoding Service

      • Fixed an error in the video encoding service causing iPhone videos shot in portrait mode to not be converted properly

Released November 10, 2020

  • Enhancements

    • Components

      • Improved performance of BOM and Item Where Used calls by removing repeated calls for item custom fields.  Notable improvements in performance of Consumption Workbench.

      • Added ability to control eBOM/mBOM Comparison Flags via Tools > Preferences, including enable/disable, colors, and priority/evaluation sequence.

      • Added ability to enable/disable certain Item and BOM system preferences via Tools>Preferences.

    • Order Data Management

      • Added ‘Inventory Impact’ Excel based report to Order Data Management. 

    • MCO Module

      • An alert message showing the Item / BOM records impacted by a change to the MCO ‘Effective Date’ for an implemented MCO has been added. When the users change the MCO effective date today, the system looks at all BOM records where the old date exists and updates them with the new effective date. 

      • Date Change: List of items that will be updated with the date change. Displays the parent-child record that will be implemented.

      • Date Change due to Revision upgrade: The MCO process also locates old revisions of the item, times out old and times in new. The date change impacts such rev changes also, these might be under parents that aren't in the ECO.

    • Deviation Module

      • Items associated with a Deviation have been added as an entity type within Assembly Planner.  Deviation-Items are now searchable via Advanced Search.

    • Model / Option Library

      • Added custom field support to the Option Group and Model-Option Mapping entities

    • Line Balancing Module

      • Added the description of the resource to the Resource Violation screen

    • Scheduler

      • Removed cross database call for constraint validation calls to support deployments on Azure.  Option Group data is not pulled from the thin client database.  Plants using Scheduler will now need to execute "Publish Model and Option Properties to Shop Floor Viewer" from the Actions menu in the publishing module.  Otherwise, if they are regularly publishing work instructions, this will be called automatically.

    • Role Functions

      • Added wait cursor logic to the user interface when saving in the Role screens.

    • Thin Client Admin - Work Instructions

      • Added logic to handle cases where a printed work instruction report is being run from the Thin Client Admin screen and routing/item custom fields are referenced by the report.  Default field values will now be used as there is not a corresponding set of fields in the published work instruction revision.

    • Shop Floor Viewer

      • Code Maintenance

        • Moved email server settings to app config file from database preferences

        • Added role privileges for the default system role ‘Operator’ to handle sign on / off changes

        • Code cleanup and standardization of PlantCode and PlantID usage

        • Added logic to the sign on process to prevent a blank screen from being displayed to the user.  The blank screen was the Change History screen, which was always shown and could appear to be stalling if the server was responding slowly.

        • Added logic to the sign on process to first check if activities are available for sign on.  Previously, the operation sign on was completed then a check for activities was made.

        • Changed error handling in ‘File Exception Dialog’ to prevent debug error messages from being logged to the browser console

      • Option Code Selection via Sign On

        • Added new feature which allows shop floor operators to set option codes against the order during the station sign on process.  Requires the system settings for ‘generate unit serial numbers’ to be enabled plus the project specific scripts. 

      • Activity Work Instruction Page

        • Added logic to the activity work instruction page to allow for ‘basic’ parts to be hidden via the PartConsPartGridShowBasicParts attribute in the layout settings file.  This impacts SFV configurations with part tracking enabled.  ‘Complex’ parts are those with additional data collection, such as part ID, serial numbers, etc. 

      • Process Tree

        • Improved performance of the Process Tree loading times by removing the consumption and resource records from the dataset as only operation and activity data is needed

        • Removed redundant sub-labels within the tabbed controls

        • Components Table

          • Removed alternate row highlighting

          • Renamed Quantity column to Consumed Quantity

          • Added Required Quantity column

          • Added row highlighting if the Consumed Quantity and Required Quantity values do not match to show missing parts

        • Added ability to configure the display order of the Process Tree tabs via new Process-Tree-Settings.json file.  Components table default filters can be configured to no filter, Consumed Quantity = 0, or IsSerialized=True (Show all parts, show missing parts, show serialized parts)

    • Released PFEP Android Mobile application for general builds.  Replacement for PFEP Windows Mobile application. 

    • Removed numerous cross database calls from authoring and shop floor applications to support Azure deployments

  • Bug Fixes

    • Process Publishing

      • Fixed an error in the logic used for caching the list of model IDs causing an issue when updating the model list after previously loading the Process Publishing screen.  Model list is now refreshed for each publishing job.

    • PFEP Workbench

      • Fixed an error in the PFEP Workbench comparison logic related to the option and part plan effective from dates causing duplicate part plan records to be added.  Logic now uses effective dates from each entity.

    • Deviation Module

      • Fixed an error in the Deviation Module resulting in duplicate items records to appear after manually adding an item, deleting the same, then adding again.  The previously deleted item incorrectly appears again.

      • Fixed an error in the Header tab of the Deviation Module after using Customize View then opening the Add/Edit Deviation form

      • Fixed an error in the Deviation Summary Report causing status information to be duplicated when generating the report multiple times within a reporting session

    • Ergonomics

      • Fixed an error causing the MURI Change Report to not generate when run from a routing

    • System Configuration

      • Fixed a serious error which impacted environments with multiple accounts (e.g. multi authoring databases associated with a single Assembly Planner ClickOnce).  The bug was related to the caching of account specific settings when changing accounts (e.g. login to plant A, restart Windows, login to plant B).

    • Scenario/Study File Managers

      • Fixed an error in the folder managers (Line Balancing, Time Studies, etc.) causing sub folders to not appear when a user deletes or moves a file while another user is adjusting the folder structure

    • MCO

      • Fixed an error causing Item-Checklist to not show the ‘Description’ of the list value when the list has ‘Show Description’ enabled

      • Fixed an error causing the ECO Status Report to show incorrect results when selecting multiple users

    • Component Library

      • Fixed a ‘Given Key Not Present in Dictionary’ error in BOM controls when performing a full refresh of the tree when resource entities are in the BOM.

    • Sequence Planner Module

      • Fixed an error in the Sequence chart causing the takt time line to not appear if the calculated order-station time is too low.

    • Routing-View/Edit Model-Option Data

      • Fixed an error causing incorrect Operation Effectivity dates to be displayed

    • Time Study Module

      • Fixed an error causing time study rows to not be added in all cases that observed time data is being saved against an activity.

    • Activity-Work steps

      • Fixed an error in the activity work step screen causing an unhandled exception after inserting a row and pressing save

    • Fixed an error causing non-English language characters (Tamil, Hindi, etc.) to not paste properly in certain grids

    • Shop Floor Viewer

      • Kitting Dashboards

        • Fixed an error which caused the row highlighting to be disabled

      • Fixed an error causing handled validations to return ‘OK’ text instead of intended text.  Error caused by http\2 protocol not being properly used in application.

Released October 7, 2020

  • Enhancements

    • Mass Update Module

      • Modified to support encrypted connections (HTTPS / TLS1.2)

      • Updates now use job queuing mechanism to execute as an offline process

      • Improved messaging to user when attempting to update local activity attributes on global processes.

    • Added ‘Takt Time’ as a standard field in the Plant Editor > Assembly Lines list

    • Added Activity Frequency attribute to the Process Details Report.  Frequency is now considered when calculating process times.

    • Removed alternate row color coding from Time Study grids.  The background color of the cell now indicates if the cell is editable or not. 

    • Line Balancing now handles unclassified time (e.g. VA/NVA) as NVA time always.  Previously, unclassified time was being evenly distributed based on the percentages vs classified time. 

    • Shop Floor Viewer

      • Added new role privilege to navigate to the Process Tree after activity Sign Off

      • Added heartbeat from client browser to app server to ensure the IIS app pool would not go to sleep

      • Migrated PFEP eKitting and eKanban to webapi to support Android mobile app

  • Bug Fixes

    • Folder Management (Line Balance Scenarios, Time Estimation Files, Sequence Planner Scenarios)

      • Fixed error when renaming a newly created folder within a folder and then swapping the names of the parent and child folders

      • Fixed error causing certain folders to be unable to be deleted

      • Fixed error when creating a new subfolder then moving it into the main folder failed

    • Line Balancing

      • Fixed error when using inter-operator precedence and auto balance algorithms.  Idle time and VA/NVA/SVA was not calculating properly.  Also removed check looking for the max cycle time and code causing the algorithm to fail to identify a feasible balance in certain situations.

If you have questions about our recent Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes we'd be happy to help.

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