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v11.22.0.0 Software Enhancements & Bug Fixes

v11.22.0.0 Software Update


Proplanner is dedicated to maintaining high-quality software by making improvements to enhance the performance of our solutions. In our latest software update, there were several new enhancements added and previous errors that are now resolved.


If you have any questions, please email us at so we can further assist.



  •  Component Library
    • Update BOM Where Used control to view all item and BOM fields with customizing view capability.
  • Resource Library
    •  Added refresh to the screen when the user enters the module to prevent stale data from being seen.
  • Work Steps
    • Increased the maximum length of the Work Step Description database field to 4000 characters. Note that the allowable field length is controlled by an environment level preference.
  •  Shop Floor Viewer
    • Archive Unit BOM and Kit Cart reports converted to support SSO.
    • Implemented a public API to retrieve the activity work instruction page by passing URL parameters.


Bug Fixes

  •  Checked Out Entities
    • Fixed an error in the Checked-Out Entities form (seen when closing the application) where the main application window was not refreshed if the entities in the screen were checked in then the user selected Cancel in the Checked Out Entities form.
  • Mass Update
    • Added Status column to the jobs grid on the Run tab.
  • Time Study Module
    • Fixed an error in the calculation of MODAPTS simple VA/NVA/SVA times where the element level frequency was not considered if the frequency was less than one.
    • Fixed an error in the Time Study Apply form preventing the user from applying more than 500 rows/activities.
  • Component Library
    • Fixed an error in the Component Search Control causing Boolean fields to display as true/false text instead of checkboxes.
  • PFEP
    • Fixed an error in the PFEP Kitted Parts Report causing a failure if using unit serial number filtering.
  •  Shop Floor Viewer
    • Fixed a bug in the Kanban Dashboards causing the Replenishment Systems lists to not populate.

If you have questions about our recent Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes we'd be happy to help.

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