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How to Get Started with Assembly Planner

Get Started with Assembly Planner Software


Recently the Proplanner team has increased our usage of the cloud (Azure in our internal instances) to enable trial and pilot deployments in a much shorter timeline than the traditional deployment process of local or on-prem server setup. In this video, I show a recent example of a consultant asking for a cloud setup in order to enter work instructions to show to a potential customer what they might look like after transferring from simple sheets to Assembly Planner.


Getting access to an Azure-hosted Assembly Planner sandbox can be as easy as clicking on the URL in the email from Proplanner Support, downloading, entering the username and password in the email, and logging in.


Download Assembly Planner from Email Link


Once logged in, we went through a sample instruction from their customer, a simple excel based list of work content and part requirements (shown below). Mapping their fields into Assembly Planner on the spot.


Excel based list


Working through their sheet and placing their information in the correct fields found us with two results after about 15 minutes:

1. A process sheet that loosely resembles theirs (using an Assembly Planner default layout)


Process Sheet


2. A detailed version where we added an image that had been taken for the procedure


Image of Procedure


I am highlighting the activity that we completed thoroughly. They then repeated the process for activity details. Adding worksteps and parts as needed to fill out their station instructions within the hour.


The video below should show how easy moving data from a sheet-based format into our system can be. The end of the video also points out that while this information is loosely structured in my example, if there is a more rigid structure, Proplanner has been able to write standard imports in a relatively quick fashion to import data, while our standard import sheets can be used by anyone with an Assembly Planner application and sufficient permissions.



If you have questions about our software solutions we'd be happy to help.

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