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v11.23.0.0 Software Update


Proplanner routinely updates our software to add new features and fix any errors that may occur. If you'd like to see our full list of updates, please head to our Change Log.


If you have any questions, please email us at so we can further assist.


- Enhancements

  • Consumption Workbench

    • Added multi-level BOM comparison capability with a selectable number of BOM levels. This allows a user to select a top-level (e.g. a model) and include all assemblies/components within. Previously the Consumption Workbench required that the user input each assembly individually.


  • Component Library

    • Added capability to receive Item ‘Engineering Status’ values based on an enumeration (PreReleased, Released, WIP, Obsolete, etc.). Previously Engineering Status values were controlled by the Proplanner ECO stage.

      • Engineering Status can be set via the Excel-based Data Import module or via integration with PLM/PDM system. Items created manually within Assembly Planner will automatically be set to Released.


  • Custom Field Editors

    • Added support for using specialized data input controls for custom fields.

    • Initially added to support the BOM ‘Models’ custom field.

      • Models field can now be populated via a grid input and the Auto Build routine.

    • Controlled via the Template Manager>Configuration Files>CustomEditors.json file.


  • Data Export

    • Updated the PPR Export to include additional validations and highlighting for the user inputs.


  • Line Balancing

    • Updated the Yamazumi chart to show the time and count of the number of selected tiles.

    • Added the Resource description to the Monumental Resource violation screen.


  • Ergonomics – EM MURI

    • Updated the default EM MURI posture images.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Angular Conversions

      • Admin Application Settings

      • Print Sequence Page

      • Unit Time Summary Report

      • Operator Log Report

      • Kitting Skipped Parts Report

      • Kitting Part Status Report

      • Archive Reports


  • Removed the Login.aspx page from the SSO version.


  • Added a pause picking feature to the SFV based picklist.


  • Added protection to the work instruction video endpoint in SSO.


  • Updated image retrieval process for cloud deployments to improve performance.


  • Added Area and Defect Description columns to the Process Tree-Roadblock grid.


  • Made the following changes to enforce browser cache refreshing rules

    • Web.config

      • We have added the following outbound rules to the IIS rewrite module to prevent caching of all static files like *.html and *.json files. A similar rule was there previously and we have enhanced it.

      • We have explicitly mentioned for the index.html file to be NOT cached with the section below:

    • Index.html

      • In the index.html launch/startup page, we have added tags for cache control and expiration.


  • Added the application version number to the login screen.

- Bug Fixes

  • Sequence Mass Update

    • Fixed an error where a corresponding Line Balance Scenario was missing the Metrics Data reference file causing a null reference exception with the Refresh Study function is called.


  • Ergonomics – EM MURI

    • Fixed an error in the Add to Group dialog which caused label text to be hidden and an incorrect icon to be displayed.

    • Fixed an error with generating the EM MURI Report from the Line Balancing module stating that the Routing Does Not Belong to Table Task.

    • Fixed an error in the Activity EM MURI report where the Group label failed to display the text and instead showed [Parameters.Group].


  • Component Library

    • Fixed an error in the Item Where Used control causing role privileges to not be obeyed.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Fixed a bug in the SSO version which caused the logout to redirect to the Auth Service login page.

    • Fixed a critical bug causing Operation Sign Off Comments to not be saved in the database.

If you have questions about our recent Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes we'd be happy to help.

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