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v11.24.0.0 Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes

v11.24.0.0 Assembly Planner Software Update


Proplanner routinely updates our software to add new features and fix any errors that may occur. If you'd like to see our full list of updates, please head to our Change Log.


If you have any questions, please email us at so we can further assist.



  • Pivot Grid Export

    •  Enabled horizontal scroll bar for the Export Data control when the total column width exceeds the screen width.

    • Added logic, overriding the default behavior, to allow for space characters to be added to all selected field alias values.

    • Suppressed the default right-click context menu in the Export Data control. Only the Proplanner custom menu will now appear.


  • Mass Update

    • Moved the Summary and Results section within the Run Tab to smaller text boxes to indicate status.

    • Job Status

      • Disabled the expand symbol for the Job.

      • Hid the Warning column • Disabled the Comment field.

      • Implemented a filter mechanism for clearing history while maintaining the overall job history in the database.

      • Displayed the Date/Time for when the job was run.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Process Tree

      • Skipped Activities will not show the default time (1/1/1900 00:00) if the skip is open/active.


  • eKitting

    • Updated the Print Service to print supermarket pick list when the cart is closed.

    • Enabled configurable template selection to adjust pick sheet format

    • Code maintenance of logging infrastructure and removal of outdated PFEP service references.

    • Added preference to allow for scanning location or part numbers, controlled by the Android mobile application.


  • Angular Conversions

    • Etching Administration

    • Operator Station Mapping

    • Model Station Mapping

    • Printer Management

    • Application Settings

    • Print Sequence


  • Activity Page

    • Image full-screen button moved to overlay on the image.

    • Added code to prevent numeric values from changing via the mouse scroll wheel or arrow keys in the consumption quantity, torque, and dimension value fields.

    • Adjusted color-coding logic in the part grid to color the entire row for torqued parts.


  • Modified the Custom Data Report page to return results on tables that do not include the Unit Serial Number field. The ModifiedOn or CreatedOn dates will be used, inclusive of end dates. If a table is selected which does not have dates and a date-based search is used then all results will be returned.


Bug Fixes

  • Component Library

    • Fixed a bug in the BOM Control>BOM Properties form which allowed for properties of checked-in child records to be edited.

    • Fixed a minor bug in the Component Search Control causing the tool tip to display the default name of the control.

    • Fixed a bug in the Where Used control which caused the time stamp, instead of the date only, to be displayed.


  • Image Editor

    • Fixed a bug in the Image Editor administrator functions related to savings new custom shapes/icons. The system will now point to the path via the Template Manager>Images.

    • Fixed a bug that allowed the user to edit checked in images.


  • Mass Update

    • Fixed a critical bug in the Item update logic which causes the item to not go through the check out then check-in workflow. This incorrectly bypassed check out/in logic.

    • Fixed a bug in the Run Tab>Queue Job which showed a message with an incorrect job status.


  • Line Balancing

    • Fixed a bug in the Resource violation screens causing the first resource to not display the description.


  • PFEP

    • Fixed a bug in the View Kitting Quantity which caused the part plan to be automatically checked out.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Fixed a bug causing as-built torque data to not be pulled into the page when the consumption row quantity is an integer greater than 1

    • Fixed an error causing single error lines to not work properly.

If you have questions about our recent Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes we'd be happy to help.

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