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v11.25.0.0 Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes

v11.25.0.0 Assembly Planner Software Update


Proplanner routinely updates our software to add new features and fix any errors that may occur. If you'd like to see our full list of updates, please head to our Change Log.


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  • Updated video service components to better support storage and playback on Azure.

    • Upgraded .NET framework to use .NET Core 3.1.

    • Modified the to-be encoded video stack from a file-based list to a queue.


  • Updated Excel-based exports to handle non-text values or cell types appearing in the export sheet template row specifying export column headers.


  • Component Library

    • Added a new Engineering and Manufacturing Item Status value called ‘PrototypeReleased’.

    • Added Routing Tree Export which generates a parts list, including replacement assemblies, when searching across multiple routings based on the model and routing-item mapping data.


  • Time Studies

    • Added a new time classification for ‘Unclassified Time’. Previously, time that had not been coded against a MUDA category, or directly set as VA/NVA/SVA, was always considered to be non-value-added time.

    • Updated the line balancing charts to accommodate unclassified time.

    • Updated the following standard reports: Estimated/Observed/Calculated Time Report, Process Time Report, Balance Utilization Report.


  • PFEP Consumption Workbench

    • Updated logic to always clear the results in the Where Used control if the input selections have been modified (top left control).

    • Updated logic to only clear the results in the Where Used control if the input selections in the top-right controls were changed and the previous Where Used was done for a single option ID.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Updated the public Get Work Instructions API to accept the activity ID.

    • Implemented performance improvements for the Get Configured Task List and Sign Off Report by Date procedures.

    • Updated the Kit Cart Report with the following changes: renamed Check column to Skip Status. Skip Status now shows a red block if the part was skipped. A unit that has not been picked and has instead been skipped will show a strikethrough.

    • Updated the Workstep Key Images logic to maintain aspect ratio to reduce blur.

    • Updated the NCR API to remove the characters trailing and including the @ symbol for user IDs in the json export.

    • Updated video component to access videos from a protected blob storage account.

    • Process Tree – Skipped Activities updated to not display text in the Closed On field if the value is at the default (e.g. 1/1/1900).

    • Angular Conversions

      • Administrator Kitting Tools.

      • Administrator Kitting Dashboard Settings.

      • Part List Report.


Bug Fixes


  • Time Studies

    • Fixed a bug causing the Activity Module - Observed Time Study Archive Report to fail to generate.

    • Fixed a bug in the Observed Time Report which caused the per task observation list to include all observations in the study instead of filtering to only those observations tied to the task.

    • Fixed a bug in the Time Study Module – Tasks Tab which caused the ‘Average’ for the Observed Times to display in the Calculated Time section.


  • Order Data Management

    • Fixed a bug causing the Part Usage Report to not generate due to changes in the kitting stored procedures. Also updated report column headers.


  • Pivot Grid Export

    • Fixed a bug causing Save As to fail when the export had not been modified.


  • PFEP Publishing

    • Fixed a bug causing newly created Kanban cards to not be returned during PFEP publishing.


  • Consumption Workbench

    • Correct docking and anchoring of controls in the Edit Selection form.


  • PFEP Consumption Workbench

    • Fixed a bug in the Where Used refresh causing the results to not be updated after selecting the button.


  • Line Balancing

    • Fixed a bug in the Yamazumi chart footer for displaying the count and time of the selected tiles when using VA/NVA/SVA Time Category color coding.


  • Mass Update

    • Fixed a bug causing the Finalize / Undo function to fail for jobs that have been queued.


If you have questions about our recent Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes we'd be happy to help.

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