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v11.26.0.0 Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes

v11.26.0.0 Assembly Planner Software Update


Proplanner routinely updates our software to add new features and fix any errors that may occur. If you'd like to see our full list of updates, please head to our Change Log.


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  • CAD Library

    • The initial release of a new module in the Library section of Assembly Planner allowing a user to upload CAD files, queue for conversion, and view the history of converted files.


  • Component Library

    • BOM Change Flag default priority updated to match prior hard-coded sequence.

    • Removed eBOM ‘Remove’ and ‘Last Usage’ flags.

    • Removed mBOM ‘New’ flag and replaced it with ‘Added’ flag.

    • Added new mBOM flag for ‘Added’ and convert existing eBOM flag ‘New’.

    • Modified mBOM flag for ‘Timeout’ to instead use the ‘RemovePartFlag’.


  • Consumption

    • Added capability to view all parent and child item master attributes in the Consumption screen.


  • SSIS Jobs

    • Added capability to send error notification emails for SSIS jobs which currently log failures to the SSISPackageLog table.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Admin – Clear Station Sign Off was modified to delete Activity Skips associated with the data being cleared.

    • Activity Skip – Added Reason Code drop-down. The list is called ‘SkippedTask.Reason’ with default values of Unavailable, Damaged, and Incomplete Assembly.

    • Updated the Hot Issues screen to reduce button clicks and typing. The changes will now better guide the user and provide a drop-down selection filtered by prior selections.

      • Problem Type – Added ‘Other’ selection value

      • Subject Type – Added a drop-down list instead of open text

      • Severity – Default value set to warning

      • Submit Type – Default value set to both (Factboard and Email)

      • Email List – Based on users tied to Subject Type

    • Updated Factboard Andon to display the count of the open issues for the station-operator based on severity (critical/warning).

    • Added role privileges for the PFEP Mobile Application.

      • Allow editing of the mobile server address

      • All editing of mobile application settings

      • Allow use of mobile kitting tools


Bug Fixes

  • Image Editor

    • Fixed a bug causing a failure during a save of edited shape text when the shape still has focus.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Fixed a bug causing the Operator ID to not be stored in the browser local storage when selecting the Build List page.


If you have questions about our recent Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes we'd be happy to help.

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