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New Enhancements Added To Andon

New Andon Enhancements


The following enhancements have been added to the ANDON filing process.

  1. HOT issues User Interface Changes

    • Subject Type: Ability to add a list of subject types that can be customized by the client. For e.g. types could be Engineering, Quality, Logistics, etc.

    • Email Type: The email list can be configured based on the Subject Type selected. For e.g. for a Logistics issue, one can setup an email group that includes members of the Logistics team only rather than sending an email to everyone.


HOT Issues- how to submit an issue


2. HOT issues Escalation or De-Escalation – An issue that is filed as a warning can quickly turn into a Critical item. The Hot Issues UI now allows for an issue’s severity to be raised or lowered after filing the issue.


Issue Severity


3. ANDON display changes – Add a counter to display the number of open issues at a station/operator. As seen in the image below, there are 5 Critical issues and 4 Warning at the PP_S1 station.


Andon Display


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