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Why an Electric Aerospace Company Chose Proplanner

Why Choose Proplanner?

Electric Aerospace



An all-electric aerospace company consisting of a team of highly skilled engineers are passionate about their new startup. They come from a versatile background with experience in aerospace and automotive industries coming from well-known companies such as Boeing, Airbus, and Rolls-Royce to name a few.


This electric aerospace company wants to create an accurate forecast for the future state and have the appropriate system to help them do that.


This started with their search for a PLM Assembly and PFEP system.



The all-electric aerospace company began by creating assessment criteria. This was made up by creating three main evaluation dimensions which consisted of business and capability, IT architecture and partner fit, and an external TCO assessment.


They noted that PFEP was not something that everyone understands or seems to see the value in when beginning to speak with potential partners.


While reviewing Proplanner’s presentations they noticed Proplanner’s team was consistent and was comprised of the same people for each meeting over various solutions they inquired about. Proplanner maintained good communication while other options they were considering didn’t have all the core knowledge of their products in one place which then resulted in multiple teams with multiple different packages available which created a disjointed environment.


When you have elements of a planning environment the connection of some of those elements become very critical and, we talk about process FMEAs and control plans, a number of suppliers have that in a separate package. It’s a completely different team or a separate division within a company that can be complicated then to try and link it back into your planning environment especially when you start to think about the process environment around line balancing.”- Head of Manufacturing Engineering.


The aerospace company was searching for a PLM Assembly system that would enhance their processes rather than having to modify them to fit the system.

What we did was we took our processes and developed what solution meets OUR requirements and some of the standard features you get sometimes forces you into a process challenge and it’s something that at our company, we refuse to compromise on. We feel that compromises our business setup and our development and we wanted to make sure that we would negate that by making sure that we get the right technical partner and functionality at the core over bells and whistles.” - Head of Manufacturing Engineering.


PFEP was the key offering to the all-electric aerospace company. The Head of Manufacturing Engineering went on further to say, “PFEP wasn’t within many offerings and I think this is a massive strength that Proplanner brings to the table”.



The all-electric aerospace company found that Proplanner matched their technical goals and had a strong process-focused solution. At Proplanner we have a knowledgeable team where all our presentations focus on the features and solutions rather than trying to get a sale.


Everybody wants to sell you something but actually it was more about the approach to here, here’s our potential problems, and Proplanner saying well this is how we would solve using this system.”- Head of Manufacturing Engineering.


Moving forward, the Head of Manufacturing noted that their entire team has confidence that with Proplanner, they have a partnership and not just another supplier.

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