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v11.28.0.0 and v11.29.0.0 Software Updates

v11.28.0.0  and v11.29.0.0 Assembly Planner Software Updates

Proplanner routinely updates our software to add new features and fix any errors that may occur. If you'd like to see our full list of updates, please head to our Change Log.


If you have any questions, please email us at so we can further assist. Update



  • Consumption Workbench

    • Added advanced filtering capabilities (BOM/Item and Process/Consumption) which will filter branches/children, allowing for specific products or processes to be excluded from the workbench. For example, below the buy components could be filtered from the data set while the components needed by assembly are included.


  • Line Balancing

    • Removed the Map Operations by Operator preference.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Added a default sort and autocomplete to the Model drop-down in the PDF work instruction generation page.


  • PFEP Mobile Android

    • Added an alert when the build list does not contain enough units to fill the capacity on the cart ▪ Added application version number to the login and server address pages.

Bug Fixes


  • Mass Update

    • Fixed a bug in the Mass Update module causing Activity-Calculated Time-Recalculate Predetermined Time Studies to fail due to time standards codes being duplicated sent to the service.


  • Time Studies

    • Fixed an error causing missing complex MUDA highlighting to fail as the time precision of the MUDA and the calc time rows was different (e.g. 7.75 MODS in MUDA vs 7.8 MODS in Calc Time row).

    • Fixed an error during Save after deleting a MOST or MTM calc time row.


  • Consumption Workbench

    • Fixed an error causing the Routing-Operation list to not show the correct checked in/out status if a checked-in process is loaded into the workbench selection then checked out via the search control.

    • Fixed an error causing the workbench to traverse one level less then the selected multi-level setting.


  • Order Data management

    • Fixed an error causing changes to order data (order list, line schedule date) to cause the option data on the order to be deleted.


  • Line Balancing

    • Fixed an error causing the Minimize Cycle Time auto-balance routine to fail due to an incorrect ‘if’ condition preventing grouped tasks from being assigned properly.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Fixed an error causing the station list to be sorted based on UID and not the Station-Order attribute. Update



  • Order Data

    • Implemented functionality to allow for filtering (work instruction revisions, operations, activities, consumption, and resources) by Unit-Station-Date. Previously each Unit could have a single date, not each station may have a unique filter date.

    • Added new control to see the Station-Date within the Order Data Management module.


  • Modified date-time code to retrieve the time zone for the environment instead of using the default SQL date-time. For Azure based environments this will use the defined time zone instead of the default Azure time zone.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Modified the logic for the activity timer to follow new rules – If anything is presented to the user then the auto advance will shut off, but the timer will keep going.

Bug Fixes


  • Activity Consumption

    • Fixed an error which caused unsaved consumption records to be incorrectly duplicated when navigating in/out of the tab in the Activity module (e.g. Item and Resource Where Used).


  • BOM Changes

    • Fixed an error in the BOM Changes module which caused Item-Description values to not populate in the grid.


  • Precedence Graph

    • Fixed an error in the Precedence Graph causing cluster to cluster links to be removed when a new cluster and new activity is added.


  • Time Studies

    • Fixed an error causing an unhandled exception when generating the Observed Time Archive report.

    • Fixed an error causing tasks to not save correctly in Observed Time Archive after deleting/archiving.


  • Scheduler

    • Fixed an error causing serial numbers to duplicate after assigning, deleting serials, and inserting new orders.


  • Component Library

    • Fixed an error in the component custom fields control which caused list descriptions to not display.


  • Process Publishing

    • Fixed an error causing Activity-Option Mapping custom fields to not publish.


  • Shop Floor Viewer

    • Fixed an error causing the Change Review page to not allow paging when large quantities of history records were present.

If you have questions about our recent Software Enhancements and Bug Fixes we'd be happy to help.

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