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v11.30.0.0 - v11.33.30.0 Software Updates

v11.30.0.0 - v11.33.30.0 Assembly Planner Software Updates

Proplanner routinely updates our software to add new features and fix any errors that may occur. If you'd like to see our full list of updates, please head to our Change Log.


If you have any questions, please email us at so we can further assist.

Released July 14, 2021

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug within report filtering due to column mismatch

Released July 13, 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Virtual Build
      • Added ability to preview Work Step SOP image
      • Improved workflow for assigning images to Work Steps
      • One Click Consumption Mapping mode, when parts are clicked, they are automatically mapped to selected Activity/Work Step
    • Time Study Module
      • Activity Description can now be updated through Apply Time Study procedure
    • General
      • Within the Component Where Used control, users can perform Mass Edit/Check Out/Check In
  • Bug Fixes 
    • Virtual Build
      • Fixed confusing behavior that unassigned image to a Work Step
    • Reports
      • Fixed bug in WI Report where Plant custom fields were not displayed if report ran from Line Balancing Module
      • Fixed bug that would cause the WI Report to not generate from the TC Admin page if the user’s date time format was not MMDDYYYY
      • Fixed bug within Process Details report when running report for Operations with blank Work Centers, these operations will be ignored
    • General
      • Fixed bug that would display the wrong Work Step time
      • Fixed bug when Cloning a Routing that did not copy the Routing Description
      • Fixed a bug that would cause errors for new users when logging in for the first time and making edits
      • Fixed bug that caused an Activity to not refresh correctly within the search control during Undo Check Out
      • Fixed bug when saving List-Based custom fields when List Show Description option is True
      • Routing ID search no longer case sensitive
      • Fixed bug when loading videos in Cloud environments for Observed Time Study which did not allow other users to playback the video

Released June 10, 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Virtual Build
      • 3D View and SOP Image action buttons added to the home tool bar.
      • Consumption editing is allowed in any mode, no longer required to select edit consumption mode.
      • Moved the process filtering ability from the context menu to the process control dock custom buttons.
    • Shop Floor Viewer
      • Activity Page Layout Changes
        • Activity Description and Index located in top of page banner.
        • New Timer location in the upper right.
        • Removed Keys/Legend/Footer.
        • Top Menu options removed when Activity Page is viewed, menu items remain when viewing the Build List (Build List link added to upper right menu).
        • Lower Left Slide Menu added, with links to Process Tree, Break On, Hot Issue etc.
        • Icon changes and updates.
      • New Role Privileges added to Allow Advance forward or backward on Work Step or Activity (disabling this privilege will hide the navigation buttons)
    • General
      • Updated list of banned characters when creating File
      • Made fields SourceItemID and SourceItemRevision standard in the ECO Item tab.
      • New Preference added called ‘Copy User Created Process History Records On Clone', when cloning a Routing, the History records associated with Activities/Operations/Routings will also be copied to cloned Routing
  • Bug Fixes
    • Deviation
      • Fixed a bug that would duplicate Item records within the Deviation>Item tab when processing the deviation if no Save was performed.
    • Mass Update
      • Fixed bug that would randomly throw a Service Busy error when attempting to run a Mass Update Job
      • Fixed bug that would prevent Items from being Checked back in after performing a Mass Update
      • Fixed bug during Calculated Time update, if the Allowance field was left blank, the warning indicator would highlight the wrong cell.
    • Precedence Graph
      • Fixed bug that was not highlighting the correct set of activities when using the Search tool within the Precedence Graph and searching by Model or Effective Dates, the search should now include active tasks instead of searching for an exact effective date match.
    • PFMEA
      • Fixed bug within the sheet view that would cause data rows to be deleted, if the user opened the sheet view before checking out the entity.
    • Time Study
      • Fixed bug that did not correctly calculate the VA/NVA/SVA values if the preference ‘Use Percent for VA/NVA/SVA’ was set to True and the study was performed with Estimate Time.
    • Plant Library
      • Fixed bug within the Workstation list that would update the Modified On and Modified By fields for all Stations for any edit within the sheet.
    • ECO
      • Removed the ‘Change Item Revision’ and ‘Delete’ menu options from the right click menu in the BOM tab.
    • Publishing
      • Corrected typo within the Add/Edit History screen.
    • Consumption Workbench
      • Corrected punctuation within the legend.
    • Model-Option Library
      • Fixed bug that would perform a where used validation when deleting a newly added ID, new IDs would not have processes associated and validation was unnecessary.
    • Component
      • Fixed bug that would not allow you to Check Out a Parent Item in the Where Used control unless the Child was Checked Out.
    • Virtual Build
      • Fixed bug that would allow users to take snapshots when the Routing was not checked out in some scenarios.
      • Fixed bug that left the consumption editing active when switching between workspaces.
      • Fixed bug that would throw and exception error within the process tree if the selected Operation did not contain Activities.
      • Fixed bug that enabled the Add Part to Consumption button when not in editing mode.
    • Shop Floor Viewer
      • Fix bug in Activity Change history that caused issues when editing change request with and without work steps.
    • Authentication Service
      • Fixed a bug which set the wrong Type of user if that user logged in after being deleted from the auth service only.

Released May 17, 2021

  • Enhancements
    • WI Reporting – AP-SFV
      • Made changes the reporting capabilities within the AP-Thin Client Admin screen and SFV Work Instruction Generator to stay consistent with the WI Report from the Library for customers with these features.
    • ECO Processing 
      • Modified standard warning message when selecting Revision Date Changes to notify users that records may be past effective and not only future effective.
    • BOM Compare Report
      • Added ability to filter the standard BOM Compare reports with a Unit Serial Number (USN).
    • Publishing
      • Added ability to prevent WI Publishing based on the EngItemStatus of Items consumed within the WI data set being published.
    • Shop Floor Viewer
      • Added ability to view and generate WI reports from SFV based on WI Rev.
      • PFEP Mobile App – added version number to the login page and server address page on startup.
      • Added ability to existing API call to accept the Work Step Tree order in addition to the Activity ID.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Sequence Planner
      • Fixed a bug that would prevent Sequence Mass Update to implement changes to a Sequence Planner Study if a workday did not have shifts defined in the work schedule.
    • Template Manager
      • Changed the default CustomShapeDefinitions.json configuration template, removed sample annotations.
    • Library – Routing – View Model Option Data
      • Improved performance where the application would become frozen when mass amounts of data was being loaded to the Advanced view within Model Option Data Screen.
    • Deviation
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Deviation Summary Report to throw an error when no deviation custom fields existed.
    • Library – Component
      • Improved performance when adding a new item in the Component Library where the load times were high due to a high number of available revisions.
    • ECO
      • Fixed a bug within the ECO BOM tab when trying to change an item revision, the function is disabled in this screen and Item revision should be changed from the Item or Parent tab
    • Line Balancing
      • Fixed a bug within the LB Reports that would throw an error if there was a mix of new and existing stations in the instruction set.
    • Shop Floor Viewer
      • Fixed a bug when creating a new user without an email.
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