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Workers capture pictures and video linked to Process and Product

     Proplanner’s new Shop Floor Viewer now allows workers on the floor to capture Pictures and Video from their phones, tablets and USB Cameras and associate those images to Activities/Worksteps in the Process as well as to the specific unit (order) they are working on. Using the new MES CAD Viewer feature, workers can also store snapshots from CAD models which are contextually available to them.Additionally, any file type (PDF, XLSX, DOCX, etc.) can be saved and associated both to the Activity/Workstep and the specific active unit they are working on.Workers can also annotate Images, Videos and Documents to enhance collaboration and communication among themselves and the engineering team.

     With this powerful new capability, Engineers and Workers can visually and textually collaborate in real time which substantially enhances the quality of the shop floor documentation while reducing the time and effort to both create and maintain.

     Since all of this collaboration is linked to both the Process and the active unit (order) being processed the worker is simultaneously recording unit-specific issues while effectively communicating to their peers and engineering team the active issues of the day.Phone calls, texting and email traffic is reduced, and searchable issues management and documentation is enhanced, in a way that is easier to the worker than any other option available to them.

     As with all Proplanner MES data collection features, any notes, pictures, video, snapshots or Hot Issues generated by the worker during production become simultaneously logged to the specific active unit they are working on.  This association greatly enhances the history and genealogy of every unit produced and is invaluable in addressing future product support, quality audit and process improvement initiatives.


Associate images and videos with a process Activity/Workstep as well as the specific unit (order) being worked on








Workers can attach notes to their Pictures and Videos which are automatically tagged with Unit, Station, Operator and Temporal attributes to aid in future context searches.


When using the new MES CAD viewer, workers can also take snapshots of their CAD model views and store them with their images.

Every Activity or Workstep instruction in the Shop Floor Viewer has a container for Images, Videos and Documents that were placed there by the Engineers authoring the instructions or captured by the workers on the line.This shared directory concept enables collaboration, speeding up important documentation on process or quality issues.

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