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v11.34.0.0 - v11.35.30.0 Software Updates

Assembly Planner and Shop Floor Viewer Change Log

Released September 27, 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Changed Consumption Workbench advance BOM filter to include Child items matching filter condition for the entire BOM
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix bug that did not correctly publish LB Scenario data
    • Fixed bug that presented an incorrect error message instead of a timeout error message
    • Corrected overlapping layout issue in Pivot Grid Export menu
    • Fixed bug in Operation Report filter that did not filter the list of models that are applicable to the selected Operation/Activities
    • Fixed a bug that would not allow you to save an Operation Description if no Operation custom fields were visible
    • Fixed bug within the LB Scenario Wizard where the Include All and Exclude All checkboxes were behaving incorrectly
    • Fixed bug that did not correctly limit string fields to the correct data length for custom fields
    • Fixed bug in SFV that auto scrolled to the bottom of the work step grid

Released September 17, 2021

  • Bug Fixes
    • General
      • Resolved error thrown when logging out using SSO
      • Fixed bug that prevented the creation of new users
      • Fixed bug that did not correctly reset password

Released August 24, 2021

  • Enhancements
    • Shop Floor Viewer
      • Added a sub table to each work step to display the Parts and Tools associated to the Work Step, fields displayed are configurable
      • Build List can now display a filtered list of Options for each Unit
      • New role privilege capability that allows “expert” operators to automatically sign in and sign off of basic activities
      • New capability to capture images and videos from the SFV activity page and store them against the unit-activity that is signed on to
      • Added new Test Type “Text” which allows text entry to an open field within the activity page and can be validated against text requirements
      • Changed behavior to stop time tracking when users exit the work instruction
    • ECO
      • Display Engineering Item Status within ECO Item tab
    • General
      • Moved Custom Field Save methods to common location for security enhancements
      • Modified URIs within certain methods for security enhancements
      • Added checks on document load for valid file type and max file size
      • Improved component where-used performance and updated the Latest Revision Filtering option to use database max revisions
    • Time Study         
      • Modified BMOST and MaxiMOST lookupservice to allow ergonomic technical actions to be returned from the lookup template, and allow user to overwrite within the UI
  • Bug Fixes
    • Consumption Workbench
      • Corrected issue where the selection form would not resize correctly within the window
      • Fixed error that was caused by not setting default values within advanced search criteria sheet
    • Time Study
      • Fixed bugs in calculating actions within time standards
      • Fixed bug populating task sheet within Observed Time tasks window
    • Shop Floor Viewer
      • Fixed a bug that made the parts grid too small when jumping to activities with and without parts
      • Fixed bug that did not prompt user to restart after changing the user’s role within a session
      • Fixed bug that did not load the menu bar items properly after a refresh
      • Fixed bug that flashed the parts list when navigating quickly through the activity images
    • General
      • Fixed bug in mBOM highlighting of the Item Flash BOM Diff Flag that would highlight all revisions of an item, instead of the max revision and ignore the preferential selected color
      • Added trimming of leading and trailing spaces when creating users to prevent errors
      • Fixed bug when refreshing consumption control if Child or Parent Item properties are included in the view
      • Fixed bug where newly created workstations would not appear in the Work Center drop down list unless a restart was performed
        • In addition, the workstations are filtered by the selected Assembly Lines
      • Fixed bug within cloud environments that generated an error within the Template Manager when retrieving files
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