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Welcome to Karli

Welcome to Karli, our newest Client Success Engineer

A close-up of a person smilingDescription automatically generatedHi everyone, please join us in welcoming Karli Keller and her role as a Client Success Engineer, to our Proplanner team!

Karli is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree focused on Industrial Engineering.

Karli is driven by the ability to foster growth in others, both in her career and all other areas of her life. Karli’s most recent experience involved four implementations of a new warehouse management system where she helped those facilities streamline their workflows by taking advantage of the new technology. She has an innate ability to communicate across multifunctional teams, and is able to use her problem-solving mindset, organizational skills, and hard work ethic to be a successful addition to the Proplanner team. 

Karli has a strong desire to live with intentionality and helping others to be better equipped to reach their goals. While Karli enjoys the workday, her interests outside of the office make her unique.  She has recently received her certification as a yoga instructor, which is an excellent example of how Karli’s drive, hard work, and dedication carry her through every aspect of her life. 

In a recent Q&A with a client, Karli was able to help them better utilize the line balancing module. She was able to explain the benefit of this tool in relation to their data and processes. In this specific situation, the client was struggling to balance work centers across all of their lines, with the constraint that their main line was guaranteed to operate at a slower speed than their supporting lines. Karli was able to assist the team by providing a better understanding of the module and suggestions on a way to configure their study. She suggested the client create two separate scenarios to evaluate the types of lines – scenario 1 as the main line, scenario 2 as the supporting lines. This suggestion helps to realistically model the scenario the customer was trying to convey – providing a beneficial balance for the work centers across the supporting lines.

As Proplanner is continuously evolving and improving, it can be hard to know how to take advantage of every capability. Our new CSE resources, such as Karli, are provided to help evaluate how Proplanner solutions can improve each client’s engineering processes and ensure that they are as optimal as possible.

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