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v12.2.37.0 Software Updates

Assembly Planner and Shop Floor Viewer Change Log -

Released February 15, 2022

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue that did not map Options to activities via the Edit Model-Option Data view, and caused errors within Activity Model-Option mapping sheet
    • Fixed issue in Activity Search Control where paging was not working
    • Fixed issue that did not launch the image editor
    • Fixed issue that did not preview images in the media tab when image files were available
    • Fixed issue that was not clearing video upload jobs and caused a backlog that could result in videos not being available
    • Fixed issue where Assembly Planner could crash if the user pressed cancel while attempting to load a workspace
    • Fixed issue where images could be modified within activities checked out to other users

Released February 4, 2022

  • Enhancements
    • Consumption Workbench-after Auto Update perform a re-compare and refresh process consumption
    • Removed time stamp from Date fields within Consumption Diff Results Grid - VB
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed customize view issue where the last two columns would not be modified
    • Fixed error caused by hiding the Process ID field within the Virtual Build module
    • Fixed issue that allowed cell comment boxes to be edited
    • Fixed error caused by removing a Routing selection within a Workspace
    • Fixed issue that allowed editing post authentication time out
    • Fixed issue that allowed editing within consumption editing mode for checked in processes

Released January 30, 2022

  • Enhancements
    • Removed warning prompt to refresh search when modifying search control options (Group in Folders, Find All Revisions)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed failure in customize view within Virtual Build consumption grid
    • Fixed issue where Man Machine Report did not run within operation module
    • Fixed error during Item import with date-based data
    • Fixed error with complex fields in Consumption Grid
    • Fixed typo in Create MCO screen that list Default From twice
    • Fixed incorrect validation error within station list when no duplicate data was present
    • Fixed column sorting issue within ECO BOM tab
    • Fixed issue where custom fields were not populating in the Resource search control

Released January 25, 2022

  • Enhancements
    • Integrated Consumption Workbench within Virtual Build
      • Highlight selected part in CAD model
      • Zoom/Isolate selected part in CAD model
      • Modify Activity Consumption for selected parts
      • Upgraded comparison results grid control 
      • Added ECO Search within the Workbench Selection screen
      • Activity highlighted per selected consumption record
    • CAD Viewer integrated into the Yamazumi Chart, Precedence Graph and Component Library
    • Spreadsheet changes implemented:
      • new Sort and Filter controls
      • ability to zoom in/out
      • Sheet totals, counts, and averages shown in right corner of sheet as data is selected
    • Scheduler conversion to enable use in cloud hosted environments
    • Commonized code within Quick and Advanced Search – Activity Module
    • Implemented framework for handling Alternate Parts within ECO processing
    • Activity Consumption Copy – new feature that allows users to copy the consumption records for an activity to other activities based on custom advanced search criteria
    • Added EMMURI standard for MODAPTS and MTM1
    • Added Restricted security type within Pivot Grid and Mass Update templates
    • Resource Search Control now includes Customize View, Advanced Search, Configurable Paging
    • Resources have been added to the Advanced Search entity list, Pivot Grid Export
    • New QA Module, combining the PFMEA and Control Plan into a single module
      • Allows for configurable Standards/Views, conditional formatting within the sheet
      • Compliance with AIAG standards
      • Optional Risk Assessment and Risk Prediction tools for Safety evaluation
    • Pivot Grid Export – added control to total/subtotal rows/columns
    • SFV
      • Created Role Classifications
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved issue in the task summary sheet within Time Study
    • Resolved issues found with certain report references
    • Fixed issue in the Study/Scenario Manager screen that incorrectly disabled the action buttons
    • Fixed issue when trying to delete a Study
    • Fixed issue within the BOM-Where Used control that did not show the correct data for certain fields compared to the Mass Edit View
    • Fixed issue where the application did not focus on the search box within the Line Balance wizard by default
    • Changed Pivot Grid to not reset the fields if the resulting data set is empty
    • Resolved error in BOM changes module when saving with hidden fields
    • Fixed error thrown when selecting Check Out in Where Used Mass Edit screen
    • Fixed issue that allowed edits on Resources that were checked in
    • Fixed Row Index error within Consumption Workbench
    • Fixed issue within Precedence Graph that caused the app to crash
    • Improved performance when loading ECO Item/BOM data
    • General fix for text translations in Line Balancing
    • Fixed Object Reference Error when publishing a Sequence Planner Study
    • Fix error mapping new options to activities
    • Fixed error when Cloning a Routing
    • Fixed bug that did not allow the column widths to be resized in the Routing Search Control
    • Fixed bug in import control where Routing Type was not added as part of standard BOM fields collection
    • Fixed error is WI Publishing ProcessDataExport
    • Fixed issue with BOM Mass Edit right click menu where actions were not enabled/disabled correctly
    • Fixed error casued when searching for Orders without selecting an Assembly Line
    • Made change to limit special characters within key fields (StationID, OperatorID) due to issues created by using them within URL strings
    • Fixed issue within Precedence graph that did not redraw existing lines when clicking default precedence
    • Fixed various typos in dialogue boxes
    • SFV – fixed issue where an activity without a workstep was not displaying the SOP Image
    • SFV – fixed error when promoting a Test Failure to Complete in a Cloud environment
    • SFV – fixed error in WI Approvals page when trying to load work step data
    • SFV – fixed issue where the Process Tree was not being refreshed using refresh button
    • SFV – fixed issue where reference documents were not being saved with correct file name and extension

Released December 17, 2021

  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved issue when downloading documents in a Cloud hosted environment
    • Fixed issue in QA module that did not auto save when exiting the module
    • Fixed issue in QA module when opening an Activity after a Process Structure search

Released November 18, 2021

  • Enhancements
    • General
      • Developed the ability to create Publishing Approval Workflows, requiring published WI Revisions to be reviewed and approved by custom list of users via the Shop Floor Viewer
      • Allow for configurable BOM Change Flag comparisons
      • Replaced outdated technology used in several controls throughout the application
      • Documents attached to an Activity or Operation can be flagged and published to the SFV (Shop Floor Viewer), documents can be viewed from the Activity page
      • Developed support for HTML to be added to the Work Steps and displayed on Shop Floor Viewer
      • Allow for task precedence to be published along with task details, including the ability to publish interstation precedence
      • Cleanup/formatting of Excel export table via Pivot Grid Export module
      • Added validations for banned characters within the Station ID, Assembly Line and Operator ID fields
      • Reorder the Entity drop down in Custom Fields to sort Alphabetically
      • Enable searches by values containing apostrophes
    • Security Updates
      • Logging User and Session information upon user Login
      • All administrative functions/actions within the Admin Tools menus are now recorded
      • Added ability to provide Privacy and Security Notices during authentication
      • Application will now timeout due to inactivity and force the user to reauthenticate(login)
      • Modifications for compliance with FIPS 140-2
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug that showed the Activity Description under the Routing Type column in the Where Used control
    • Fixed bug in Where Used control that showed incorrect Icon on consumption record
    • Fixed error when adding Models to the Edit-Model Option mapping control when filters enabled
    • Corrected rounding error within the Line Balancing Time Classification Report
    • Fixed error found after performing an Operation Time Roll up with multiple users navigating between the process libraries
    • Fixed error in advanced search when using multiple Calc Time fields in search criteria (or multiple similarly named fields)
    • Fixed Import Data bug that added Resource IDs to all Activities listed during the Import
    • Fixed Icon on Change MCO From Data control
    • Fixed error when attempting to delete all folders from Scenario Manager
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