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HTML formatting for SFV Work Instruction Fields

Based on customer demand, Proplanner's Shop Floor Viewer now supports HTML style formatting within the digital work instruction fields. Current capabilities support the ability to define fonts, color, bold, underline, and italicized text within Worksteps, but this feature is being rapidly expanded into other areas of the instruction templates and including formatting for images and tables.

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

Version one is our standard butterfly valve demo (PRE-HTML capabilities).

The second version (below) is WITH HTML enabled. This type of use is a simple but very impactful case. Highlighting with the bubble color and emphasizing places where they are performing actions like inserting and tightening.

While just a very simple example … you can get creative as you like.   

This capability is currently shipping with all of our Proplanner 2022 MES viewers.  Please contact your Proplanner representative to learn more about how to leverage this important new capability as well as offer recommendations for additional enhancements you may desire.

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