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Quickest Way to Find What you Need (MUDA)

Proplanner’s recent edition now includes work step and MUDA classification fields to search the application. This search capability enables the user to navigate the entire application finding process data based on the defined parameter.

Related to the new MUDA classification parameters, the user can search the entire application (correlating facility) by MUDA Class Name, Category Name, or Detailed Name. A specific use case would involve the user evaluating total walk time associated to a plant, by line, specific to each station.

Custom Search Feature


Specifics of New Edition

Where to Search the Application

There are a number of places in the application that allows the user to customize their search. Advanced Find, Pivot Grid Export module, and the Mass Update module are the top 3 best places to utilize this functionality.

This search is applied across the entire application, based on the parameters defined by the user, to output all relative results.

Advanced Find

Advanced Find can be found in any of the three process authoring libraries (Routing, Operation, Activity).

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Advanced Find – Location

Advanced Find – Custom Search

Advanced Find – Custom Search: Process Data with Model IDs


Pivot Grid Export

The Pivot Grid Export module utilizes the same logic to output results in a pivot grid that can be customized to the desired layout of the user.

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Creating Pivot Grid – Search Criteria & Pivot Fields


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 Customizing Pivot Grid – Layout & Structure


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Exporting Pivot Grid – WYSIWYG Export Type

Mass Update

Clients most commonly recognize the benefit of the Mass Update module for its capability to update hundreds of activities in a matter of minutes. The recent editions provide a more concise selection process for the users – allowing users further opportunities to update different areas of the process.

Mass Update – Creation

Mass Update – Search Control: Consumption & Worksteps


Added value to the business.

                  Report Creation - Pivot Grid Export module - Utilizing New Custom Search Editions

This new edition presented an opportunity for a client to gain better exposure to capital expenditure for evaluations. Specifically using the search control function to search the entire application (facility) for moments throughout processes (lines/stations) where tape was being consumed.

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Where could this new edition be adding value for your organization today?

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