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Enhanced Muri Ergonomics Evaluation for Modapts

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Proplanner is now offering Enhanced Muri ergonomics evaluation with the Modapts predetermined time standard.  Like with Proplanner's other popular predetermined system integrations with E-Muri, such as MTM-UAS or Basic-Most, ergonomic postures can be defined directly to each Modapts elemental time study row.



Companies can define their own assignment of E-Muri postures for each Modapts code, as well as for company-defined standard groups (i.e. Blocks) of Modapts elemental rows.  Proplanner, will then automatically default to those postures as the Modapts element rows are specified and users can modify these defaults to match the specific situations being evaluated.



Once postures are selected for each Modapts element row, Proplanner's Muri Motions and Postures charts show the combined ergonomics evaluation by function, by element and overall for the Activity.  Engineers can use this evaluation to determine if the Activity should be modified to improve worker safety and reduce fatigue in an effort to enhance overall worker productivity. 



In addition to the interactive Bar-charts of posture and Element risk, Proplanner creates a summary report for the Activity showing the Modapts codes, postures and evaluation results as well as a summary pie chart.



Most importantly, the engineer can create an Operation E-Muri evaluation report for a particular set of Activities the operator would perform in the workstation for a specific product model and option list.  Optionally, the engineer can also generate this report from within the Line Balancing module based on a specific product build list or probabilistic take-rate for each model and option throughout the day.  In this way, the engineer can better evaluate how production schedules may (or may not) provide an appropriate ergonomics recovery time for the workers on a probable work shift.



Improving visibility to ergonomic motions can help improve overall worker safety, health, job satisfaction (lower turnover), and overall productivity, resulting in an improved shop floor work culture.

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