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New mBOM Revision Management Capability

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In Assembly Planner "Revision" is a key field for an item. The system maintains the full BOM structure for each revision and each revision of an item can have distinct properties. While these are features that are standard to any BOM management system, this feature adds a new approach to revision management. Proplanner can now optionally treat the BOM of an item is a continuous list of changes rather than a snapshot of each revision. The need for this powerful new capability arose from the requirement to lock old revisions. Previously, when a new revision was processed by the system, prior revisions needed to be locked and could no longer be edited. This led to some data challenges which became more critical with daily part shortages and supply chain issues. 

Why was Revision a concern?

  • If the BOM of older revisions needs to be updated beyond the date of the new revision release, how do we accommodate that?
  • The system automatically times out the older revision of an item under its parent and times in the new – this led to multiple records of an item in the BOM.
  • To know when a part was introduced to the BOM one must traverse through all revisions of each child item to find the earliest time in date
  • Entire BOM copies of older revisions are maintained and that is a lot of data to manage in the database. The exports were also getting rather large and hard to manage.
  • Shop floor does not treat revision as a key field – only concerned about the part number


What will change with this new capability?

  • Revision changes through ECOs will no longer add new and remove old records. The revision letter will be replaced with the new revision and dates will be left as is.
  • Only the latest eBOM and mBOM will be seen in the component module
  • BOM of an item can be edited at any time as it will be for the latest revision.
  • Date filter on the mBOM will reflect the revision for that date range


Please note that this is being done preferentially and clients who wish to maintain complete BOM copies of revisions can continue to do so.

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