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Welcome Sanjay Thangavel!

Sanjay Thangavel

Sanjay is currently working as a Solutions Deployment Engineer to our rapidly increasing subscribers.

Sanjay earned his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, India. He was the Team Manager and Manufacturing Head of his college Baja team, "Phoenix Racing," which specialized in designing braking and un-sprung suspension systems. His principal contribution was reducing the overall manufacturing cost of the vehicle by devising an enhanced manufacturing process plan and optimizing other configurations. He is also experienced optimizing production workflows for diverse industries while working as a Junior Manufacturing Consultant.

Sanjay recently received his master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University under the direction of professor, guru, and now his boss, Dr. David Sly.  He says that Dr. Sly's industrial and automotive specialization greatly inspired him to choose Iowa State University and Proplanner.  At ISU Sanjay did a case study for his thesis on "Assembly Line Optimization" at DEMCO. His research interest includes Manufacturing Process Optimization, Industry 4.0, Data Science, and ERP systems.

Sanjay believes any optimization effort is an act of construction, and when we construct, life is more meaningful and a joyous pursuit, where Proplanner aid in assisting growth.

Beyond this, Sanjay plays for the Iowa State University cricket club. He enjoys playing badminton, soccer, volleyball, and cooking.

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