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Combining Tugger and Unit-Load Flow Studies

Tugger Routings generated by the Tugger Tab in Flow Planner must be generated without an existing Unit-Load routing file.  However, once generated, a Tugger Routing can be saved and merged with other Tugger Routing files or even Unit-Load based Routing files in order to generate Flow Diagrams and Evaluate Congestion of a factory containing all of these delivery systems.

To combine Unit Load and Tugger studies, you need to: 

  1. Save the ROUTING file generated by the Tugger Module.  Note that this extension is also a CSV, so you need to pick a different name than what you used for your input Tugger.CSV file.  
  2. Edit this Routing file to replace the Container/Trip column (filled with negative 1 and negative 2 values) with the positive number 1 instead.
  3. Append this Tugger Generated Routing file to your Unit-Load routing file.  
  4. Load this new combined routing file into Flow Planner using the PRD, LOC and MHE files from your Unit Load Study.
  5. Calculate as normal.
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