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v 12.25 Software Update

Assembly Planner Version Release Notes 

The Assembly Planner Version was released on 12/20/2023. These release notes are intended to provide a brief explanation of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes included in this version. 

Release Notes 

Proplanner Enhancements and New Features 

Case # 

Release Notes 

Assembly Planner 

Line Balancing 


Implemented additional feature to the existing Line Balancing Weighted Average Algorithm, allowing users to set an optional upper limit on the maximum model time for each operator at each station. This ensures that the resulting solution does not surpass the specified takt upper bound. 




Enhanced expand/collapse button visibility in BOM control. This enables the users to easily identify the presence of any associated child component within the BOM control. Previously, the expand/collapse button was displayed for all BOM items, regardless of whether they had associated child items. This has now been optimized to make the expand/collapse button visible only when there are child items present. 


Enabled the display of all WorkStation standard and custom fields as read-only properties in the Operation List control. 


Added ability to utilize the PublishingSettings.json file to set defaults for the Start Date and End Date. 


Added MCOLifecycleStageAssignments.json file to Template Manager (Configuration Files), that can be updated to automatically assign user names in the workflow template selection screen.   

Shop Floor Viewer 



Identified and fixed internationalization issues when displaying number and date formats in the build list, process tree, work instruction page, file exceptions and in change request page.  


Added a “Remove Model” functionality to the SFV Model Mapping Management Administration page, which removes/cleans-up all Model ID’s that are unmapped to an assembly line.  

Resolved Issues and Limitations with This Release 

Case # 

Release Notes 

Assembly Planner 



Fixed date formatting issues when editing date related fields in custom fields manager. 


Fixed error when processing default or min/max values with decimal points for double fields (i.e. 10.00) in the header, spreadsheet, grid and tree control. 


Resolved issues when processing publishing settings file, where enable effectivity not defaulted to match configuration file.  


Fixed input string error in Routing-Item Mapping MCO ID fields for effect, caused by international Date format.  


Fixed object reference error when exporting Item/BOM data. 


Resolved save related issues when updating header fields and spreadsheet custom filed values at the same time.  

Mass Update 


Fixed job failure errors when updating Calc Time Study fields related to MTMUAS and MTMMEK standards.  


Fixed job failure error when removing model mapping in the model-option mapping update type.  

Shop Floor Viewer 



The following Order Sequencing issues were addressed.  

  • Fixed error when importing orders via SFV 

  • Grouping of orders 

  • Missing model custom field values 

Known Issues 

There are no known issues in this release. 

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